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online courses 

Turn your expertise
into passive income with

We write in your voice so that you can build a content capital
while still running
your business  

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Digital Product Creation 

For thought leaders, experts pushing the boundaries of their field, and business owners who want to monetize their skill.

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Long Form Copy Writing

For business leaders and entrepreneurs who want to grow their impact with value-driven writing that connects with their specific audience. 


What Clients Say

"Rachel gets it. Her copy connects like an invisible web intertwining your thoughts into tangible results.  Finding the right voice is rare in copywriting but she makes it happen."
-Lindsay Peters  
Founder of Knack Marketing Strategy



Digital Downloads 

  • Create diverse revenue streams that allow for long-term business growth 

  • Highlight your niche expertise and create brand trust

  • Increase global reach and business scalability 

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Online Courses 

  • Generate revenue and expand your reach to engaged markets

  • Showcase your expertise as an industry leader

  • Deep dive into your area of specialty and build customer loyalty 

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  • Create a passive income stream that allows for long-term business growth 

  • Develop content that connects deeply with your customer 

  • Showcase your expertise in a relevant and impactful format 

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  • Develop high-value content that sells 

  • Expand your reach to an engaged market 

  • Provide insight to your customers and build professional credibility 


Lead Magnets

  • Capture leads by offering valuable and unique content 

  • Establish authority and brand awareness 

  • Drive traffic to your website through soft-selling

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What Clients Say

"Rachel is the only person I have ever trusted to write for our brand. She gets our exact mix of humor, wit, irreverance and marketing punch."
-Sarah Lacy 
CEO of ChairmanMe

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Hi, I'm Rachel

The founder of Copywriter Collab.

My background is in philosophy and psychology, which means that I focus on ideas and understanding how people's minds work. I love working closely with clients to uncover their expertise and turn their rambling ideas into tightly packaged sellable products. 


I'm a writer first so I lean heavily on creating quality content over empty fluff. The design is there to elevate the content, not eclipse it.

I'm interested in working on value-driven products that educate, inspire, and change minds. 


If that sounds like something you'd be interested in collaborating on, reach out. I'd love to hear from you.

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Digital Product Developer

Street Cred.
GrowClass 2022
Unlocking Aha: Persuasive Writing 2021
A Writer's Guide to the Hustle
Economy 2021
The Creative Copywriter 2020 
Princeton Editor 2017
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