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As a business owner you wear all the hats: IT person, product designer, marketing director, the person who argues on the phone with insurance for an hour.  

You don’t have time to research your clients, build content, and write ads that pull in new leads. 

But we do.  

Free up more time to do your actual job: running your company like the brilliant boss you are. 
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What Clients Say

"Rachel is the only person I have ever trusted to write for our brand. She get's our exact mix of humor, wit, irreverance and marketing punch."
-Sarah Lacy 
CEO of ChairmanMe
We write in your voice so that you don't have to.

Our services include...

Website Conversion Copy
Clear, precise, and in your voice. Language that reflects your brand and product, so your customers know exactly what they're getting and who you are.
Landing Pages
 We'll create content that leaves people wondering how they've been living without your product this long.
Marketing Campaigns
Email sequences that demand to be opened, not trashed. 
Editing and Proofreading
Give your project a pair of fresh eyes to guarantee your writing is as pristine as a polished penny. 
Blog Content
Provide us with just a smidge of direction or a fully detailed outline and we'll whip up a blog that drives traffic to your website and builds customer loyalty.
Social Media Ads
Turn scrolling into sales with ads designed specifically for your audience. 

Don't see what you're looking for?


No problem! We do custom projects and can work with you.


"Rachel is a pleasure to work with - fast, flexible and able to quickly identify the right message to turn a prospect into a customer."


- Paul Bradley Carr 

CEO of Not Safe For Work Corp.

"I needed a copywriter who was straightforward and could create incredible content to take my marketing to the next level.  CopyCollab has the writer you want on your team.  I am very pleased with the results."

-Sana W.

Founder of Imani Love

"You can be as hands-off as you want to be and you'll still get exactly what you wanted."

-Tom Walters

Founder of Noxgear

About CopyWriter Collab

Hi! We're Rachel and Jessica,


The co-founders of Copywriter Collab. 

We built this company because there are a lot of great copywriters out there. And there are a lot of. . . well . . . not so great ones.

As a founder, small business owner, or marketing director, you shouldn't have to sift through all of the noise just to find a writer who can meet (and exceed!) your expectations.

All of our writers are formally trained, highly experienced, and generally fabulous people to work with. 

Tell us about what you're looking for! I bet we'll make a great team. 

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Social Media Content Strategist


Social Media Manager and Designer

Your Voice. Your project. Our words. 

"Not only is her writing top-notch, able to adapt to our brand voice, but she's also been flexible and open to changes in our approach and needs. "

-Simon Curran, CEO of Noxgear                          

"This is fantastic work in every possible sense."

-Stephan M. 

The Creative Copywriter

"Working with her has been amazing! She really took the time to get to know our voices and how we wanted to sound in our copy."

-Andrew Wall

Co-founder of Craft Better Books

Street Cred.
GrowClass 2022
Unlocking Aha: Persuasive Writing 2021
A Writer's Guide to the Hustle Economy 2021
The Creative Copywriter 2020 

Princeton Editor 2017

The Creative Copywriter 2020 
ESL Teacher 2017-2022

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